Swiss ETF, Hedge Funds & FoHFs Directories
QMS Advisors' Swiss Hedge Fund, Fund of Hedge Funds, ETF and ETN Directories are made available to our clients and prospects in pdf and Excel format upon request. All our directories are updated monthly.
Directory - ETF Exchange Traded Funds - Switzerland
Directory - All Hedge Funds Available in Switzerland - Switzerland

Directory - Fund of Hedge Funds - Switzerland

While the information in our more complete databases _available in Excel format to our clients_ can easily be researched and manipulated, our directories provide much of the same information in a more simple but rigid format. Use our spreadsheet solutions to effortlessly sort and filter our entire database to find funds that match your criteria!

Additionally, our Contact Database is the largest contact database in the industry. Download contact email addresses and phone numbers for over 20000 funds. Because the database is stored on your computer in Excel, you have the flexibility to directly sort and filter the information in order to see a contact list that is relevant to your business.

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