Alternatives & Real Assets
QMS Advisors has considerable experience in evaluating alternative strategies and in allocating to those strategies in our clients’ total portfolio context. In addition to providing investment advice, to performing qualitative and quantitative evaluations of alternative assets, QMS Advisors has extensive experience in developing cutting-edge proprietary models to optimally devise strategic and tactical allocations across alternative strategies.
  • Our conflict-free revenue model ensures independence and objectivity
  • QMS Advisors was an early advocate of hedge fund and private equity and strategies for institutional clients
  • QMS Advisors has developed advanced asset allocation models to account for alternative strategies’ non-Gaussian return distributions
  • QMS Advisors cutting-edge proprietary risk management models, in-depth manager research, and dynamic proprietary risk identification and exposure quantification methodologies is central to help identify and isolate top quality investment managers that meet our clients' unique needs
QMS Advisors consults to the broad spectrum of Alternative Investments


The role of Alternative Investments


From a total portfolio standpoint, introducing Alternative Investments aims primarily at improving our clients' portfolio efficiency: 


Increasing the breadth and scope of the risk premia our clients hold is paramount to ensure that they are exposed to those risk premia offering the least co-dependence to their other assets, as well as to the most attractive expected Sharpe ratios:

In this context, Portable Alpha Strategies allow for an efficient reallocation of our clients' risk exposures, and higher total portfolio Sharpe ratios.