Advisory Services
A Total Portfolio Approach:


QMS Advisors capitalizes on its expertise in both traditional financial markets and alternative investments to meet our clients’ investment challenges. We take a global, total portfolio approach to devise optimal investment solutions by drawing on our advanced proprietary models to develop programs targeted to meet client liability requirements, spending needs or other program goals at acceptable risk levels. On an ongoing basis, our investment consulting services address every phase of the investment process, including:
  • Investment policy development and risk control, for both traditional and alternative assets.
  • Strategic asset allocation, both in asset-only and surplus space.
  • Investment performance analysis at the overall fund, asset class and strategy levels.
  • Investment manager searches, for both traditional and alternative assets.
  • Client education and seminars
Holistic Solutions:

QMS Advisors’ solutions are designed so as to maximize the risk-adjusted total return of the client’s strategic portfolio, while respecting our client’s guidelines on tracking error risk at the asset class level and at the overall portfolio level. QMS Advisors’ integrated asset allocation models combine optimal asset structures with liability or spending policy projections to forecast the financial status of the fund. QMS Advisors’ projections include estimates of spending and contributions over a predefined time horizon. We give each client the full picture necessary to determine the appropriate asset allocation relative to the specific cash flow projections of the plan.


QMS Advisors provides a detailed final report on our findings and proposed investment policy. The report includes our inputs and assumptions, projections of fund spending and contributions, asset class returns, risk, yield and correlation assumptions, and optimal combinations of asset classes. We also recommend the appropriate investment policy and structure.

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