Our reputation is everything
  • Our clients' interests always come first. Experience has proven that superior services precede success. Integrity and honesty are at the heart of our business, therefore complying fully with the letter and spirit of the laws, rules and ethical principles are essential to insure our continued success.
  • We recognize that time-tested methodologies generally offer the best results, yet we constantly strive to find better answers to our clients’ problems by stressing creativity and imagination in crafting solutions for our clients.
  • We pride ourselves on employing the latest practices and the most advanced techniques that have or are to become industry standards.
  • We constantly strive to anticipate the rapidly changing needs of our clients and to develop new services to meet those needs.
  • We frequently receive confidential information as part of our normal client relationships. To use confidential information improperly or carelessly would be unimaginable.
Independent, Unbiased, Objective Consulting
  • QMS Advisors is not affiliated with any other company or joint venture; we work diligently to maintain our independence and avoid any conflicts of interest.
  • We do not offer investment management or securities brokerage services or serve as a consultant to investment managers, investment advisors, brokers or registered investment companies.
  • We have no involvement in brokerage commission arrangements, one hundred percent of our revenue represents fees paid by clients for investment consulting services rendered.
  • We have consciously forgone these additional revenue opportunities to maintain the highest level of independence in the industry.