QMS Advisors is a strictly independent investment consulting firm. Our sole mission is to improve our clients' long-term investment performance through cutting-edge research and the efficient implementation of return-enhancing strategies.

Team expertise and qualifications
  • Consultative Culture: Extensive track record in providing value-added solutions to specific client needs. 
  • Market Experience: Thorough understanding of global economies and capital markets’ dynamics. 
  • Specialized Knowledge: Broad experience in Pension Finance, Endowment and Foundation requirements. 
  • Quantitative Excellence: A group of professionals with advanced degrees in mathematics, finance, and economics. 
  • Global Perspective: Experience in working with large pension funds and corporations worldwide.

QMS Advisors' associates have experience with the world’s most prominent clients including sovereign wealth funds, public and corporate defined benefit plans, corporate treasury departments, endowments, foundations, insurance companies, and private wealth investment programs. We are convinced that our wealth of experience helps provide our clients with the most efficient approach to wealth management.